AT&T network outage affects thousands of users

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT)– AT&T customers were not able to place phone calls Wednesday morning because of a network outage.

The network outage happened just after 8:00 Wednesday morning. Topeka was just one of the affected areas.

“I call my mom and grandmother every morning, not every day is promised so I make sure that I talk to my family, and this morning I couldn’t call and I was just like, man they’re going to think something happened to me because I call them everyday,” Dacy Parrish said.

Many of us make sure we have certain things like keys and a wallet before leaving the house. Parrish said if she wanted to leave today, she needed a phone that was able to make calls.

“Even if I could call 911 and get some help there, I mean my husband is going to be sitting at work while one of my kids or even myself, how are they going to get a hold of my husband, if even if I was hurt,” Parrish said.

Emergency calls can still be made during a network outage, as long as there is another network service available.

Even with that, Parrish still didn’t feel good about the situation.

“The thought of not being able to call my husband if something happened and not having somebody come help me is terrifying,” Parrish said.

KSNT News contacted AT&T to ask why the network outage happened. They declined to answer the question, issuing only a statement that read:

“Service is restored for customers in parts of western Missouri and Eastern Kansas who had issues making calls earlier this morning.”

According to, AT&T received thousands of reports during the outage. The outage lasted nearly three hours Wednesday morning.



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