Case of 2015 Topeka infant’s death remains open in Shawnee County

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Two infants are dead and their parents are behind bars. KSNT News is following Shawnee County’s response to the case of Debra and Gage Roberts.

Six-month-old Camden Roberts died in November of 2015. Shortly after that his parents moved to California, pregnant with their second child who died at just 18 days old in April 2016.

KSNT News can confirm that in the past few years the case of Camden’s death remains open here in Shawnee County despite the couple’s change of address.

District Attorney Mike Kagay says the case was forwarded to the District Attorney’s Office in October of last year prior to him taking office.

KSNT News talked to a neighbor in Topeka who used to babysit Camden.

“I watched Camden,” said Olivia Miller. “I was there when she had the baby, the whole neighborhood got baby stuff together because she didn’t have anything, cribs and pillows and watching him, he was such a sweet little boy.”

Miller was there the day Camden died.

Debra and Gage Roberts appeared in a Bakersfield, California courtroom Wednesday facing charges of second degree murder and child endangerment. Those charges stem from the death of their 18-day-old child Crimson.

The couple was arrested after giving birth to their third child last week.

That baby is safe and has been placed in protective custody.

The pair will appear in court again on August 1.

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