Gorgeous stretch of weather heading into final weekend of July 2017

We’re tracking splendid weather heading into the final weekend of the month. We’re looking at wall-to-wall sunshine and seasonably cool air. Context is everything, especially when it comes to temperatures this time of the year. It’s late July – it’s supposed to be hot (and humid). Our average high temperature for this time of the year is 90° and we’ll be a solid 5-10° below that seasonal standard each and every day of the next week…at least. Temps won’t be ‘cool,’ let alone ‘cold’ – but they will be much cooler than they have been – giving us a consistent, much-needed break from the extreme mid-summer heat and humidity. In other words, get ready for a prolonged stretch of really nice weather…starting today. Keep those outdoor weekend plans and it you don’t have any, you should make some!

Arguably the best part of the extended forecast is the refreshing overnight temps. Yes, the middle 80s are great this time of year – but lows in the lower 60s are going to feel downright refreshing! As we alluded to above – we’re not only getting a break from the heat, but we’re also staving off the high humidity levels. The slightly cooler weather is going to feel even better because of the comfortable air mass we’ll be living in over the next 7+ days. Places north of I-70 might even fall into the upper 50s by Monday morning. Yes, you read that correctly! This stretch of tranquil weather won’t last forever, though. Longer range computer models have us warming back up for the second week of August.

Many of you are already wondering when our next best chance for rain will be. As of right now, it looks like clouds will build-in by next Thursday – with scattered showers and storms following close behind. So, realistically we’re looking at a solid week before any legitimate rain chance works it’s way back into our forecast, here in Northeast Kansas. Yes, we could use the rain – but July and August are typically drier months for our neck of the woods. We’ll keep our eyes on the skies – in case anything changes. But until then, enjoy this incredible stretch of cooler, sun-filled weather! Stay tuned.

You’re already in the right place for the latest weather information in Northeast Kansas. You can take the forecast with you anytime by downloading our FREE StormTrack Weather app here. It’s available on our website or on your local mobile marketplace (iPhone and Android) free of charge. Keep checking back in the coming days, as our next storm system approaches…this time next week.

Have a great day and an even better weekend!

– KSNT Storm Track Meteorologist Kyle Borchert

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