Someone You Should Know: Angie Moss

Manhattan, KAN. (KSNT)- Hanging out in jails and being around police, it’s not an ideal environment for children, but it’s all one Manhattan teens ever known.

“I got to know the police very well when I was really young,” said Angie Moss, an intern for Riley County Police Department’s Public Information Office. Now the 18-year-old is right back to where she spent a lot of her time as a little girl.

“Sometimes I design things, so like I’m designing a flyer for an ice cream social right now,” Angie said as she described what a typical day is like as an intern at the police department. A job she admits, she was a little nervous to apply for, “So I was like okay, there’s an opportunity for an internship here and its going to be awkward, and I’m going to walk in and there going to recognize my last name,” Moss said.

They did recognizer her, but they didn’t judge her. Because it wasn’t Angie who had a bad reputation with police, it was her parents, “They were both like huge criminals, like my mom was a huge drug addict and my dad was trafficking drugs,” Moss said.

Growing up she watched her parents get arrested and taken to jail numerous times, “Probably around 50 times, it’s a ridiculously high number.”

Her parents would be booked in the Riley County Police Department, the same place Angie works now, “So both of my parents have been In this room and I’ve been on the other side,” Moss said as she showed the room where she used to visit her parents.

Moss and her siblings ended up living with her grandparents, but nearly every Wednesday and Sunday as a little girl she would spend her time in the tiny visiting rooms at the jail, “It never seemed too weird when I was kid until I found out other kids don’t spend time in jails.”

Now all these years later she’s back, working for the department over the summer. Her hope is that maybe just by being present and sharing her story she might even help someone along the way, “Eventually I’m going to be a teacher, and I’m going to help kids and I’m going to see kids that are like me, or see kids that are struggling in any kind of way and I’m going to have the knowledge to help them because I have been through like everything possible.”

Next month Moss will be heading to Lawrence. She’s planning on going to the University of Kansas and getting a double major in journalism and education.

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