Hit-and-run accident sent an SUV into a power pole

A hit-and-run driver crashed into an SUV, sending it into a power pole. The driver’s Mercury Sable crashed into the SUV near 29th and SW Fairlawn Road around 3:30 Saturday afternoon.

The Sable driver, Kandace Richardson, fled to Shunga and Prairie where the car broke down. She and two other people ran away from the car.

Kandace Richardson, 24, was arrested for hit-and-run driving.

A nearby off-duty police officer arrested Richardson. Electrical lines from the knocked-down power pole fell onto 29th street.

The east and westbound lanes were closed just east of SW Fairlawn while Westar Energy crews removed the lines.

Police say the two people in the SUV that Richardson hit were not badly hurt. The passenger was taken to a local hospital for minor injuries.

Correction: A previous version of this story identified the hit-and-run driver as Candice. The name was misspelled on the original police report. We have corrected it to Kandace.

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