Operation Homefront gives away 600 backpacks to military families

OGDEN, Kan. (KSNT) – At the Ogden community Center, school supplies, plus 600 backpacks, were given out to military children all thanks to Operation Homefront. Operation Homefront is a nonprofit organization whose goal is to build strong, stable and secure military families so they can thrive in their communities.

The event was for post 9/11 wounded soldiers and active duty members.

“It helps out especially like the younger soldiers who don’t have or can’t afford,” soldier Matthew Rutherford said. “Or in a situation like ours, where we just PCS (Permanent Change of Situation) here, and we’re kind of hurting on funds a little bit. To be able to help out right when school starts, I think it’s amazing.”

In the book bags, students receive things like notebooks, crayons and other school essentials.

Operation Homefront has already given out thousands of supplies and backpacks at more than 50 locations in the nation in 2017.

“The backpack is usually the most expensive, and it just helps with getting kids ready for school especially with them having to supply so much,” military spouse Theresa Murphy said.


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