Local author talks about new book on an interesting way to diet

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Mary Jo Fay, is a Junk Food Junkie, sugar addict, and choco-holic who ate ice cream for breakfast, pizza for lunch, and popcorn for dinner and still lost 50 pounds without giving up her junk food.

In the end, finding her own pathway to shed the pounds, which of course had to include all her favorite foods, lead her to share her ups and downs in a new book entitled, “No Cheatin’, Just Eatin’.”

This is not your typical diet book with recipes and exercises and forbidden food lists. Rather, it’s a memoir of Fay’s journey to finding an answer she could live with.

In the book she provides helpful hints like which fast foods are the best, and how to burn calories without needing a gym membership or personal trainer.

“Obviously, with the obesity rate in this country as it is, something is definitely not working,” said Fay. “For the junk food junkies amongst us who feel deprived having to give up our favorite foods in order to lose weight, it’s just too hard. But give them a way to literally ‘have their cake and eat it too,’ and they have a better chance to succeed.”

To learn more about Mary and her book CLICK HERE

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