Oakland businesses rally around grocery store break in

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – An attempted robbery in Oakland early Saturday morning at Mike’s IGA grocery store has peak the interest of community members. Local businesses are doing what they can to help find the person or persons responsible for the break in.

Kent Fredrick has run Mike’s IGA for more than 30 years and said whoever broke in tried to open a safe and broke all security sensors off the walls. It left the store a mess and had to be closed for half a day, hurting the stores business.

“Everybody here in Oakland, goes to Mikes IGA, it’s a staple here in Oakland,” said the manager of Brass Rail Tavern, Nick Sargent.

“If you go to Mikes IGA, you’ll see Kent, you’ll see him there, you know he always seems to remember everyone that walks in there,” said Oakland resident Aldolfo Gomez.

The community is upset this happened to their local grocery store, but even more upset it happened to Kent Fredrick.

“Kent has a heart of gold, this man, he will do anything for anybody and he will never admit it,” said Mike Weibel, Frontdoor Cater owner.

“He really does help the community out, he’ll give you the shirt off his back if he could,” said Sargent.

Brass Rail Tavern owner is willing to buy drinks out of his own pocket for information on the break in to help lead to an arrest.

The effort started with the Brass Rail Tavern, and other businesses are joining in as well.

“To get some information I’ll be more than glad to buy people’s lunch’s to help out the community. I will help out anyway I can because I do business with Mikes IGA and I will be more than willing to help out,” said Weibel.

OCW Pro is also giving four free lifetime tickets to their wrestling shows for leads on this crime.

“I consider this community a big family, we just try to help everyone out. no one wants to see the theft, nobody wants to see the robbery, we all just try to stay together,” Sargent said.

“When somebody comes in this community and disrupts what happened, this is not cool, this is not good, because we will find out who they are,” Weibel said.

Oakland wants this to never happen in their community again.

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