Construction on 21st and Wanamaker has been delayed because of a utility pole

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT)– Frustrations are running high for drivers at the intersection of 21st and Wanamaker. Our tax dollars are paying for this road construction that has turned into a nightmare for many.

The city says the lack of progress is all from one utility pole that hasn’t been removed and are just as frustrated with the project as the drivers are.

That utility pole belongs to Cox Communications. The city engineer says Cox has known about the project for over a year and what it’s responsibilities are.

“They actually have known since 2016 or earlier about the project. We do give all the utilities copies of the constructions plans. Utility conflicts are identified on those plans,” city engineer Brian Faust said.

The hold up in construction, on one of the busiest intersections in Topeka, has drivers frustrated.

“I wish they would get it done, this has been quite…just an ordeal. It’s taken forever,” Michele Smith said.

“If you can see people working on it, you could at least think to yourself okay were getting somewhere, its gonna end soon. But there’s not really an end in sight,” Morgan Weece said.

KSNT News reached out to Cox Communications to see why the pole hasn’t been removed yet. They responded by saying, “We are aware of the construction projects, as there are several across the city. We have crews scheduled to complete the project early next week.”

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