NE Kansas treatment options for common hearing condition

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) Some people, quite literally, live in a constant state of noise.

“Can you imagine never being in the quiet?” asks Belinda Gonzales, the owner and hearing instrument specialist at the NuSound Hearing Center in Topeka.

It’s a condition called tinnitus, and it affects 50 million of Americans every day.

“It is a noise or sound that you hear in your ears and or head that does not have an outside source. It can be any sound. Just like it can attack any of us, we all perceive it and handle it differently.  So some people say they hear ringing.  Some people say they hear crickets, humming, buzzing.  I had one gentleman say he heard his name over and over again all day long,” said Gonzales.

Tinnitus can be very confusion for people. Awareness is key in understanding what it is.

Gonzales said most people realize real quickly that it is something that only they are hearing, and then it becomes scary.

“Then they start thinking what’s wrong?  What’s wrong with me? Most people with tinnitus will say that they have difficulties in one or more of these four categories:  it’s so bad that I can’t sleep, it’s so bad I can’t concentrate, it’s so bad I can’t hear, and it’s so bad I feel like I am going crazy.”

Tinnitus can be caused by a wide variety of medical conditions.

“This can be head or neck injury related.  This can be medication related. But of all the people with tinnitus, 90 percent of the time it has something to do with a hearing difficulty.” said Gonzales.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for tinnitus, but local treatment options are available.

Gonzales said there are different alternative therapies.

“Maybe we find that your tinnitus is enhanced or made worse by stress or anxiety. We’re going to help you work through those symptoms.”

NuSound is hosting a free seminar on tinnitus, this upcoming Monday and Tuesday evenings here in Topeka. Space is limited, so call 785-783-8121 to reserve your seat today.

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