Dante’ Fields family is still searching for answers about his death

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) — It’s been one year since Dante’ Fields was killed leaving a bar in southwest Topeka. Saturday morning family and friends gathered at his grave to remember his life.

“All our family members are doing something to remember him today, so it’s happening simultaneously in different areas in memberance of Dante’,” Sheree Hicks said about her son.

Hicks said his memory will never fade away from his family and friends.

“And we just wish we had more time with him…that’s all,” she said.

Hicks admitted her son wasn’t perfect, but still wants justice for his death.

“So I’m just asking anyone out there, I mean if you have any information about what happened to my son, just please come forth and help the police department so we can get someone prosecuted so justice can be served for my son Dante’,” she pleaded.

Dante’ left behind two children and many other family and friends.

“He didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to his kids or his family. I didn’t even get a chance to hold him,” Hicks said.

Family and friends released balloons with messages on them in memory of Dante’.

Hicks said everyday is a struggle without Dante’.

She said she has been in contact with officials about her sons case and is asking the public for any information they might have.


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