Wichita teen wants to be the next Kansas governor

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT)– Kansas has no requirements whatsoever to run for governor. That’s right right, none.

Kansas is the only state in the country where anybody can run for governor.

“Anybody, anywhere, in the entire world of any age can run for governor of Kansas and if people like him or her, they can win and serve,” Dr. Bob Beatty said.

That means even a toddler, who doesn’t live in Kansas, or in the US for that matter, can run for the state’s top job.

“Its sort of cool that in Kansas there is no requirement, its up the voters to decide,” Beatty said.

Now, two teenagers have decided to take advantage of this and add their names to the ballot.

16 year old Jack Bergeson of Wichita isn’t too young to run for governor, but he won’t be old enough to vote for himself.

His potential lieutenant governor, 17 year old Alexander Cline will have just turned old enough to cast his vote for their ticket.

Bergeson and Cline tell KSNT News they hope to transform the political spectrum by inspiring the new generation of political activists. The lack of restrictions caught some Topekans by surprise.

“I’m signing up,” Sharri Stowers said.

“I feel like there would be some type of requirements for that,” Jeremy Davidson said.

“I might have to put my ballot in,” Jamin Pitchford said.


“People are always talking about attracting people to come to the state, well this may be an attraction for not only people from out of the state, but different countries, move to Kansas and run for governor,” Beatty said.

While nothing has been done to date, it is possible for the Kansas legislature to pass a law requiring certain criteria to run for governor.

The one thing you should know if you decide to throw your hat in the ring for governor is, it will cost you $2,000 to become a candidate.

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