Another cool week, with more rain chances moving in

We’re tracking yet another week of ‘below average’ temperatures – making the first two weeks of the new month quite hard to believe, weather-wise. Typically the first two weeks of August are our hottest weeks of the year. Remember, our average high temperature still sits at 90° for this time of the year. Yet, we still can’t find an 85° day anywhere in the extended forecast. We aren’t the only ones, though. The eastern two-thirds of the country are facing similar conditions – cooler than normal and wetter than normal. For some context on the latter – we average just over 4 inches of rain for the entire month of August. We picked up about an inch, just this past weekend – and there’s more rain chances looming in the 7-Day forecast…

Speaking of – we’re already tracking our next best chance for rain. After a cool, sun-filled repeat forecast today (and a few sprinkles possible in the afternoon) – we’ll be looking to the skies on Wednesday evening. That’s when the next storm system will start to rumble in! And we’ll keep some sort of rain chance in the forecast each and every day (starting tomorrow) through Saturday. Just like this past weekend – locally heavy rain is likely. However, there will be plenty of rain-free time throughout this ‘unsettled’ stretch too. It’s worth mentioning that high temperatures will have a very hard time ‘warming’ into the 80s, given all of the rain chances and additional cloud cover around later this week. That means daytime temps will hangout mainly in the 60s and 70s! What month is it again?

The timing is still a bit ‘iffy’ with the late week rain chances. As each new computer models comes in, we’re getting a better and better idea as to the location and intensity of the storms. Widespread severe weather is NOT in the forecast – the ingredients simply aren’t there. The latest models have the first bands of rain moving into the western counties on Wednesday morning between 7 and 10. It looks like they wouldn’t reach places like Topeka and Lawrence until late morning or early afternoon. We’ll continue locking down the forecast in the coming hours and this might end up being a wait-and-see approach – which isn’t unheard of when we deal with summer storm systems. In other words, plan on meaningful rain chances as early as tomorrow – maybe even during the morning hours, west of Manhattan. We’ll take the rest of the rain chances, painting the extended forecast on a day-by-day basis. Stay tuned.

For what it’s worth – longer range computer models have us clearing out by Sunday. That argues for a lot more sunshine and great weather (a lot like we saw yesterday) heading into early next week. Lows should be in the upper 50s and lower 60s, with highs in the lower 80s. Can we just make it official? Can it be fall yet? Only 45 more days…

You’re already in the right place for the latest weather information across Northeast Kansas. Be sure to check back for regular forecast updates, as tomorrow’s weather-maker slides in. You can also download our KSNT Storm Track Weather App for free right here. It’s also available (for free) on your local mobile marketplace – Android, iPhone, etc. It’s the very best way to get an up-to-the-minute forecast on-the-go! No matter where you are, we’re always watching and always tracking!

Have a great day!

– KSNT Storm Track Meteorologist Kyle Borchert

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