City of Topeka wants to cut construction delays

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT)– One topic brought up at Topeka’s city council meeting was the delayed construction project at 21st and Wanamaker.

“I find it very difficult living in Topeka with all the construction,” Laura Silverberg said.

A city engineer said the delay in construction was because Cox Communications didn’t take down one of their utility poles.

That forced the project to be put on hold for three weeks.

The delay frustrated drivers, but they aren’t the only ones feeling the pain. It’s also impacting area businesses.

“Our sales went down a lot, especially last month, because people don’t know how to get in here,” manager at Sally’s Beauty Ashley Morales said.

Deputy Mayor Jeff Coen said he wants to make sure similar delays don’t happen again.

“We’re putting some things in place now for new contracts that would be rewards based if they do finish early, things like that,” Coen said.

He said did offer some words of encouragement to the businesses.

“Just keep sticking it out, that intersection is going to be so much better once its fixed,” Coen said.

Contractors said construction at the intersection could start again as early as tomorrow.


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