Nickname jerseys unveiled for MLB Players Weekend

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – There will be a new trend in Major League Baseball during ‘Players Weekend’ August 25-27. Players will wear colorful, non-traditional uniforms featuring alternate designs.

Those uniforms will also include player nicknames on the back. Every team in the MLB will be participating in this inaugural event, including the New York Yankees who have never worn uniforms with last names attached.

Here’s a list of nicknames that some Royals are expected to sport on the back of their jerseys on Players Weekend:

• Alex Gordon: “GORDO”
• Lorenzo Cain: “LO CAIN”
• Mike Moustakas: “MOOSE”
• Eric Hosmer: “PAPO”
• Alcides Escobar: “ESKY”
• Drew Butera: “THE DON”
• Brandon Moss: “MOSS DOGG”
• Danny Duffy: “BEAR”
• Neftali Feliz: “NEFFI”
• Kelvin Herrera: “H”
• Melky Cabrera: “MELKMAN”

The Royals will be in Cleveland during ‘Players Weekend’ August 25-27.

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