Mayor doesn’t know when Topeka will get a city manager

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Topeka is getting closer to hiring a new City Manager, but the City Council doesn’t know when they will be able to make a selection.

They met Friday morning to go over candidates in an executive session. The City Council announced the five final candidates a month ago.

The previous city manager, Jim Colson, resigned in October 2016. The deputy city manager, Doug Gerber, has been the interim city manager for the last 10 months.

The City Council interviewed Gerber and four other candidates July 21 and 22. Mayor Larry Wolgast said they met to talk about new information before the weekly meeting on Tuesday.

“We want the process to move along as quickly as possible,” Mayor Wolgast said. “But, at the same time we feel it’s important to take deliberate steps so that we’re sure that we make the right decision and do the right background work.”

The mayor said hiring for many high-level positions, like university deans and state-level government workers, can take between six months to a year.

“More important than acting speedily is acting deliberately,” he said.

The Mayor wasn’t able to say when the Council will choose one of the candidates for the job.

”It will be difficult to forecast when it would be,” Mayor Wolgast. “Nobody knows. I’m almost hopeful this would be in a couple weeks.”

He said they’re looking for more information from the candidates, and he hopes they will get that in time for their meeting on Tuesday so they can take the next step in the process.

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