Students head back to local campus with empty pockets

MANHATTAN, Kan. (KSNT) – Students at K-State are making their way back to class with less pocket change.

All students who enrolled in the fall 2017 term, will pay 2.9% more in tuition than they did last year.

The increase was approved by the board of regents in June.

This tweet by student Trenton Kennedy reveals how students bills are broken down by the university

Students like Trenton Kennedy, tell KSNT News they’re struggling after being hit with bills nearing double digit totals.

Gail Hutchins moved her freshman son into his new life as a K-State wildcat on August 14.

“We’re lucky we’re in state because if we were from out of state it would be even more.”

Even more is what incoming freshman, Hanna Westermier will find herself paying on the first day of class.

“Its overwhelming…I’ve never seen that much expense on something.”

Westermier will pay $820.00 per credit hour as an out of state student. A price tag she said alarmed her parents, even though she’ll be the one taking out loans and handing over the cash to the university.

“I’m willing to pay for it, to be where I want to be in life.”

The future veterinary medicine student said she’s seen some scholarship offers and plans to take advantage of those. Hutchinson said her son also landed several scholarships.

Both ladies agreed, high cost could be turning students away.

Other students said their parents are willing to work with them, as long as they stay out of trouble.

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