Schools readying for eclipse

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Topeka schools have events planned for Monday’s eclipse. Many schools bought eclipse glasses for students, or they will provide other viewing tools for students to use. Teachers are also using the event as an opportunity to teach kids about the science behind eclipses.

Capital City High School, Chase Middle School, French Middle School, Jardine Elementary, Meadows Elementary, Ross Elementary, Topeka West High School, Whitson Elementary, Williams Science and Fine Arts Magnet will all have eclipse activities.

Capital City, Chase, French and Whitson will have special lunches to let students eat outside. Capital City High School is planning serve a BBQ lunch to students.

Topeka West High School will let all its students outside to see it. The Science Department Chair, Russell Rupp, says eclipses generally only happen twice a year, and only a small part of the population get to see them. The rarity of this event is why the school will excuse kids from class for the duration of the eclipse.

“To have it right over your head, or close over your head, on an occasion is a special deal,” Rupp said.

The school bought 1,700 glasses for the students. Science teachers will give brief lessons about how a solar eclipse occurs, when it occurs and what events lead up to an eclipse.

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