Back to School Week: Washburn Rural High School

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – It’s day three of Back to School Week in Northeast Kansas. Wednesday, KSNT is featuring Washburn Rural High School.

The first day of school is always exciting, but this year, there’s even more excitement in the air. That’s because Washburn Rural High School is celebrating 100 years.

Washburn Rural offers students various clubs, teams, organizations and activities to choose from.

The Student Council Club at Washburn Rural was busy Tuesday, on their last day of summer, welcoming new students and freshman to the school.

Student Council co-president Megan Lucas said, “I feel like it’s our role to listen to other students ideas and notice the problems or changes that can be made and it’s kind of our job to take those and run with them and get them to the administrators or someone else who can actually implement them.”

Washburn Rural is also home to the Air Force Junior ROTC program. The program is one of less than ten programs of it’s kind in the state of Kansas.

Students in Air Force JROTC take a class at Washburn Rural, allowing them to learn various leadership skills. The program also allows students to take part in community service opportunities and learn other real-world skills.

One member, Chris Beeson, joined the program last year. She said her grandpa was in the Air Force and after he passed away, she wanted to honor him in some way.

“I’m very grateful that I am one of the people who you know, is able to enjoy the program itself and I know other people aren’t as fortunate and it just makes me happy to know I’m part of something.”

She said the Air Force JROTC program at Washburn Rural continues to grow every year and she hopes it will be the same this year.

You can view the lunch menu for the first day of school by clicking here.

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