Local schools accidentally buy fake eclipse glasses

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Five Shawnee Heights schools have solar eclipse glasses they can’t use. Four elementary schools and Shawnee Heights High School found out their glasses are not made by a NASA recommended manufacturer.

The principal of Tecumseh South Elementary, Scott Dial, said his school ordered 600 pairs of glasses from Amazon three weeks ago. Amazon recently told him it recommends the student’s don’t use the glasses to watch the eclipse, because Amazon has not been able to confirm their safety with its supplier. Amazon has refunded the school’s money.

Dial said the school bought more glasses Wednesday, at a much higher cost than the first batch, but they aren’t sure if the glasses will arrive on-time. The new eclipse glasses cost the school $1,500. They only paid $183 for the first batch, but the principal says its a good deal compared to other prices he ran across. The school started a donation fund for parents to help cover the cost.

Three other schools have also bought more glasses at a higher price. The school is planning other safe ways for kids to experience the eclipse, in case the glasses don’t arrive in time. For parents who want to watch the eclipse with their kids at home, the school has made the event an excused absence.

To find out if your glasses are safe, go to www.eclipse.aas.org/resources/solar-filters and see if your glasses are from a verified vendor.

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