Topeka students still without a bus to school

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT)– We told you about students in the Topeka School District being re-directed to other schools because of their area schools being at capacity. Now, it’s created more problems for some families.

Transportation hasn’t been put in place for some families in Topeka, and it has caused a hardship for one single mom.

Charlotte Gumminger and her two kids moved to Topeka this summer. They live two blocks from Jardine Elementary, which is where she planned to send her kids to school this year.

But when Gumminger went to enroll, she was told the school was full. Instead her kids were placed at a school 2.5 miles away.

“We were promised transportation to the school,” Gumminger said.

But as the school year gets underway, the bus still hasn’t stopped at her home.

“I’m having to borrow money from people to get gas to take them across town because my job again it doesn’t start until the 28th,” she said.

It was a similar story for Melissa Kopf, whose son was also re-directed from Jardine Elementary to a school across town.

“I’m very upset knowing that I have done my part and there is nothing they can do for me, like nothing other than bus him to another school,” Kopf said.

The Kopf’s, however, were given their bus information three days before school started.

Gumminger said the school district told her that the bus would pick up her kids too, but not for at least another two weeks.

“I start my job on the 28th and this is going to be impossible, I don’t know what to do if they don’t have bus service by then,” Gumminger said.

She said her kids not being able to go to Jardine has created more problems than she anticipated.

KSNT reached out to the school district to find more information about the transportation delays. District officials say they are still working on some transportation lists and should be taken care of soon.

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