Veterinarian: do not bother with solar eclipse “doggles”

Honey, a patient at Animal Hospital at Auburn Hills, gives a high five on Wednesday.

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – If you haven’t heard by now, a solar eclipse is set to take place on Monday, August 21. Some articles have circulated on social media about the need to purchase solar eclipse goggles to protect your pet’s eyes, but a Wichita area veterinarian is here to say: don’t bother.

Doggles sell on Amazon from $2 to upwards of $30. One PEOPLE article has used the “better safe than sorry” approach to advise people about protecting their four legged friends, but Dr. Gary Stamps of the Animal Hospital at Auburn Hills reassures that doggles are totally not necessary.

“They’re not going to be any more prone to stare up into the sun on Monday than they would any other day,” Dr. Gary Stamps said.

Stamps says, dogs actually see better at night than people do, as they have more rods at the back of their eye than humans. But Stamps reiterates, do not worry about Fido.

“I’m sure you’re going to find people peddling goggles and glasses for the pets but it really doesn’t make sense,” Stamps said.

PETCO locations in Wichita do not carry doggles according to a manager, they are primarily sold online.

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