Cactus blooms after 25 years

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT)- A north Topeka woman has a very special plant that she is proud to own.

About 25 years ago, Pat Myrick bought a rare Easter Lily cactus at a local garage sale.

It first was an indoor plant but as the cactus grew it was put outside.

She doesn’t know if it was the hot sun or the tender loving care but on July 21, for the first time in tw and a half decades, Myrick woke up to 10 blooming flowers on it.

She said it was one of the biggest surprises life has given her.

“Of course, I love flowers anyway so you know it’s just something else new. But it amazes me that something can sit dormant for so many years and then all of a sudden bloom.”

The flowers only lasted on the cactus for one day, but Myrick added the memories will last her and her husband for a lifetime.

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