People are staying optimistic for solar eclipse weather

SABETHA, Kan. (KSNT)– We’re now just hours away from the solar eclipse and some clouds seem to be in the forecast.

The camping grounds at Sycamore Springs are full and people from Nebraska, Texas, Ohio and more have all traveled to see the eclipse in totality.

Despite lengthy drives, travelers are trying to stay positive about the weather.

“I’ll be a handful of people ever in the history of the universe that ever gets to see something like this,” said Dave Martens, an Arkansas resident.

Victor Canales, who has been planning the trip to Brown County has a more unique approach in staying optimistic about the chance of cloudy weather and rainfall.

“Let’s do a dance, that’s not a rain dance, an anti-rain dance,” said Canales.

Mark Channer said it was a long drive from Minnesota and said he is wishing for sunny weather, but is excited either way.

“I think it was in high school somebody was talking about it and saying how it was cloudy on their eclipse, but it was still pretty cool,” said Channer.

KSNT Storm Trackers said to not be discouraged if you wake up to clouds Monday morning because it will still be a day to remember. People camping say they are just excited to be apart of the once in a lifetime event.

“It’s still the event, it’s a phenomenon that’s going on and its going to be cool to witness no matter what,” said Oklahoma native James Colenutt.



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