Texas couple drives 9 hours to witness solar eclipse

HORTON, Kan (KSNT)  –  One Texas couple traveled over nine hours and more than 600 miles to witness the solar eclipse that will be rolling through northeast Kansas on Monday. Debbie and Tom Haddad traveled from Waco, Texas to witness the rare event. The couple decided to stay at the Werner Guest House outside Horton.

‘We’ll still be in the path of totality and we’ll just be able to enjoy a small town atmosphere. Plus, I’m not real fond of big crowds,” said Debbie.

The Texas couple are self proclaimed astronomy enthusiasts. Both Debbie and Tom have witnessed partial eclipses in the past, but this will be their first total eclipse. Still, they’ve decided to take a simple approach to the eclipse.

“We have just a fairly standard digital camera, but I have a number of different shades of welding filters so we can photograph it if we like,” said Tom.

Tom said he also knows how to build a pinhole camera which will project the eclipse on the ground. Regardless, he’s more interested in what will be happening on the ground then in the sky.

“Something that you notice if you’re around any number of animals is their behavior tends to change quite a bit during an eclipse because it is so completely unnatural for them as well,” said Tom

While Tom is interested in nature’s reaction, Debbie thinks of all the people who have watched and wondered about the eclipse over the years.

“You can find it in first peoples pictographs. You can find it in religious writings all over the world and its just something that everybody has to be in awe of,” said Debbie.

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