Jardine students watch solar eclipse through the clouds

Hundreds watch the solar eclipse at Jardine Middle & Elementary School.

TOPEKA, Kan (KSNT) Β – Β Hundreds of kids at Jardine Elementary and Middle School gathered on the football field to witness the solar eclipse Monday.

The students at Jardine have been studying the eclipse since school began. They were supposed to track the eclipse’s progress and take note of what it did to the temperature.

“Every 15 minutes we’ll write what we observe and for the first four times we just wrote cloudy,” said 11-year-old Parker Stevicks.

Despite all the planning, mother nature had other plans. Almost the entire eclipse was blocked by a thick set of cloud. The students were only able to see the eclipse a few times during that event.

Still, whenever the eclipse did break through the clouds, the kids were anything but disappointed.

“I think it’s pretty cool. It’s a once in a lifetime event like unless it’s somewhere else,” said Lillee Kessler, a student at Jardine.

“I think that it’s like pretty cool that I actually got to see the eclipse for the first time in my life and I definitely want to see it again,” said 11-year-old Mason McConico.


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