Local businesses prepare for Solar Eclipse 2017

HIAWATHA, Kan. (KSNT) – The last total solar eclipse visible in Kansas was nearly one century ago and the next one visible in the sunflower state won’t be until 2045.

In Hiawatha, a town with a population of just over 3,000 people, locals are preparing for an influx of what could be several thousand people. It’s something the town doesn’t see everyday.

With much anticipation, local business owners have been preparing for the event for months.

“Well we’re very excited. We didn’t know how to plan and the closer it gets, we’re hearing more and more stories and I think our little community is getting overloaded with people which is wonderful,” said Debbe Phillips, Just For You Gifts Store Owner. “We’ve got pins books, postcards, magnets, tokens, t-shirts, mugs, shot glasses and we’ll have them just as long as they last, but supplies are getting limited on a lot of items.”

As Phillips said, the same merchandise is limited, and the same goes for other businesses in Hiawatha.

If you’re heading to Hiawatha to view the eclipse, Phillips’ store, as well as other local businesses, are located downtown on Oregon St.

Regardless of where you’re heading to watch, be sure to pack water, food, fill up your tank before you hit the road, and be prepared to hit traffic.


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