Washburn watch party gets a glimpse of the eclipse

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT)– The excitement of the first week of classes at Washburn University was on the back burner today as the eclipse captured the spot light.

Washburn had about 6,000 solar eclipse glasses to give out to students, faculty, and community members to fill the seats in Yager stadium to be apart of a once in a lifetime event.

Washburn president Jerry Farley said the eclipse was a social event as much as an educational event.

“People want to come out and share it with other people, talk to people,” Farley said. “What are you seeing? What do you think? Is this fun?”

Farley even led the crowd in a chant to start the day.

“Cloud, cloud go away come again another day.” He said. “It didn’t work but we tried, but it is fun to see all the people out here and see the students, they are having a good time.”

It did get dark for a few minutes and some clouds even broke giving a glimpse of the eclipse.

“I’ve been looking forward to this eclipse for months now because they have hyped it up so much so even seeing that little break was really really cool,” Washburn student Sydney Anderson said.

“I walked out of my apartment this morning and was really disappointed but I come out here just in case and it paid off,” Washburn student Andrianna Hendricks said.

But if what they saw was interesting, what they heard really surprised them.

“The cicadas started in you know when it started getting dark, and i expected bats to start flying around, but you know I didn’t see those,” Toni Lewis said.

“Aside from the clouds or the sky getting darker was listening to the cicadas come out that was cool I was like oh,” Washburn student Lorien Rilate said.

When the eclipse was over in Topeka the stadium cleared out pretty quickly as students headed off to class.

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