Fifth graders Skype classes in other states

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Students at Jardine Academy are using Skype to talk with classes in different states.

A fifth grade class recently shared their experience watching the solar eclipse with students in a Florida classroom.

The class’ teacher, Jason Meyer, said technology is making lessons more hands-on.

“It’s just change,” Meyer said. “It’s not your standard sit down in a row, be quiet all day.”

Topeka Public Schools is a one to one school district, meaning every student at Jardine has either an iPad or a Chromebook. Students use the devices to connect with people outside Kansas.

One student, Marilee Carper, learned surprising things about the class in Florida.

”I didn’t know that they didn’t have snow,” Carper said. “And I didn’t know that it never got really cold. I thought that was really cool.”

Meyer said Google gives students information at the touch of a button. Meyer wants them to learn how to use the knowledge at their fingertips.

“Being able to use that and produce something or educate others about it is really a skill that is 21st century that is more important at least in my opinion, than just rote memorization,” he said.

Meyer said these activities help kids take ownership of their own learning. The 501 School District says technology allows for educational experiences students can’t get by reading a text book.

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