Do your donations really impact Houston?

(KSNT File Photo)


TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – You’ve heard the calls to donate cash.

Send a simple text and do your part to chip in.

While doing so may not make you think twice, some people have questions about how disaster relief in the modern world really works.

“The red cross makes it easy to give money … now to my understanding you don’t know what that money is going to.”

Jason Steele hails from Texas. He told KSNT News he can’t go 30 minutes without seeing the destruction that’s ravaged Houston over the last week and its made him curious about donating.

So where do your dollars go? We asked Jane Blocher with the Topeka Red Cross.

“There’s a lot of expenses in deploying volunteers and sheltering the thousands of volunteers that are down there so donations will be used for that.”

Blocher said donated money doesn’t just pile up. If you designate your donation – like you can do when you text “Harvey” to the organizations designated number – you can be sure every cent is spent aiding that cause.

“If they designate disaster relief fund, we can use it for Harvey and any other disasters – but most people right now, see the impact of what is going on and they want their funds used in Texas and that’s exactly how they’ll be used.”

Donations of both time and money are expected to continue to roll in over the next few months.

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