Local student making strides towards recovery after brain aneurysm

LINCOLN, Neb. (KSNT) — Lyndon, Kansas to Lincoln, Nebraska is a little over three and a half hours and Garrett McCoy has been calling this home for a little over a month.

In July, Garrett had a brain aneurysm during a football weights practice.

“I was just, I felt kinda lost because I didn’t know what happened, like I just woke up one day and I’m here,” Garrett McCoy said. “I didn’t know what was going on.”

He was not promised a tomorrow.

“I could be lifting and then instantly I could be dead you know,” McCoy said.

He was later transferred from a Kansas City hospital to Madonna Rehab Hospital in Lincoln Nebraska.

“See he had a spark in him, you could tell he had that extra sense um you just knew he would do well,” McCoy’s physical therapist Scott Fandrich said.

And today, Garrett is a walking miracle.

“What drives me to get my stuff done is my people at home my family my friends,” McCoy said.

He started his rehab just trying to sit up in bed, but today is walking up hills.  He said while he is happy to be alive and walking, football was his life.

“And then I realized I couldn’t play football, football to me is one of my main sports,” McCoy said.

Friends and family call McCoy humble, but that might be an understatement.

“And I feel sorry for them for looking at me through the hospital whenever I was having so many brain surgeries, it just doesn’t feel fair to me for them,” McCoy said.

As happy as Fandrich is to see Garrett getting healthy, he’ll be sad to see him go.

“I call him an X-man because he seemed to regenerate right before my eyes, he’s gonna be right up there in the memories of a lot of our staff here for sure,” Fandrich said.

McCoy said he has made many friends here at the hospital, but is ready to get back to his hometown buddies.

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