Going for the Gold — Akwasi Frimpong

Terre Haute, IN – Akwasi (ah-kwaus-e) Frimpong is not an Olympian yet, but he trains like one.

“My wife, the one thing she said is I don’t want you to be 99 years old and still whining, in a positive way, about your Olympic dreams.”—- Akwasi Frimpong

Frimpong is 31 years old, he’s a former track-and-field star at Utah Valley University.

He came close to being an Olympian in 2012.

“I was actually part of the Pre-Olympic London 4×100 meter relay team. I missed that Olympics because of an Achilles injury.” —Akwasi Frimpong

But one year later, that led to frimpong being recruited for a different sport.

“Bobsled team. Because of my speed.” — Akwasi Frimpong

That’s right.. bobsled. Akwasi Frimpong is from Ghana in West Africa…where it doesn’t snow.

In 2015, Frimpong transitioned from bobsled to skeleton…

“Go head first, anywhere from 70-90 miles per hour with your chin about three inches from the ice…Basically laying on a cooking sheet on my belly and going as hard as possible down the track. Your brain, it’s just like a speed you have never experienced before. It was definitely scary. But I’m not here to make a Disney movie. I’m here to compete with the best of the world.” — Akwasi Frimpong

Akwasi Frimpong is currently ranked 95th in the world. He needs to be in the top 60 by mid-January to qualify for the Olympics.

If he does, he’ll be just the second winter Olympian ever from Ghana.

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