Someone You Should Know: Dustin Gunter

HOYT, Kan. (KSNT) – There’s nothing that will slow down 20-year-old Dustin Gunter, not even a disability

On the 4th of July in 2005, Gunter, then just a 8-years-old was in an ATV accident with his cousin, “Because of that his handlebar went inside my brain, my skull and hit my brain,” Dustin said.

Gunter doesn’t ¬†remember anything from the day of the accident, or even his what his life was like before. Pictures his mom took are the only memories he has. Yet if you ask his mom, Linda she remembers that tragic day just like it was yesterday, “We were met at the emergency room by the chaplain,” Linda said. “They asked if I wanted to see him before he went in to surgery and they still didn’t have his helmet off him yet because they couldn’t because the way the handle bar was lodged.” That’s when Linda relied on her faith, to get through the scariest moment of her life, “My husband didn’t want me to see him that way and I just had faith that I was going to see him alright.”

The crash left Gunter with a permanent brain injury that affects the right side of his body, much like a stroke victim. Despite all of that, and going through intense therapy just to relearn how to walk and talk, he got through it,” Because I never had it in my head to look down and just give up,”Dustin said.

He’s now won more gold medals than he can count, and his hopes to someday compete against the best of the best, “I’m ready to go against the Paralympians and see if maybe I can be in team USA.”


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