Locals say cutting DACA could force them “back into the shadows”

(KSNT Photo File Photo)


TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Kansas Attorney General, Derek Schmidt could sue the federal government.

Schmidt and nine other leaders from around the country have threatened legal action if President Trump doesn’t cut the Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program by September 5.

With the deadline looming, local Kansans are standing with 800,000 others, who call themselves – “dreamers”. They want to shed light on the importance of the program that’s protected their status as undocumented immigrants.

Mayra Salasdiaz told KSNT News life in Kansas is all she’s ever known.

“We’re prepared to fight for what we believe in”, Salasdiaz said.

Growing up, Salasdiaz wanted to serve the United States as a Marine. Her hard work brought her to the brink of achieving that goal – then, a revelation. Mayra’s mother told her she was undocumented.

“Don’t take that opportunity away from us”, Salasdiaz said. “Don’t take the opportunity from us to pursue a future…to pursue our education, to have a better life for our kids.”

Salasdiaz begs state leaders to open their minds and listen to her and others like her – including Sandra Aguilera.

“If DACA was to be taken away that would mean I don’t have a future with my daughters and I don’t want that”, said Aguilera.

Representative Jim Ward said the future of the local job market could be uncertain if the president were to pull the plug on DACA. He told KSNT News jobs could be tough to fill if undocumented workers are forced back into the shadows.

“In a state that is struggling to grow our economy why would we put challenges before hour businesses in doing that?”, said Ward. “We have many talented workers and we should use them all.”


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