North Topeka home shot five times

TOPEKA, Kan. – (KSNT) A family in North Topeka is recovering after bullets ripped through their home early Monday morning.

Haley Alta’s family woke to the sound of the gunshots. When they went outside, they saw five bullet holes in their home. Three of the bullet holes were outside her son’s bedroom.

Alta said she’s thankful her son had been sleeping with her in the basement that night, but she doesn’t feel safe at home anymore.

“One of the bullets went right above his bed. One went into his sock drawer, and anything could have gone wrong,” Alta said. “It’s very hard to sleep at night. I haven’t slept the last two nights.”

Alta said what matters to her is her family’s safety and she’s glad the only damage is things that can be fixed overtime.

She said she recently helped a friend get out of an abusive relationship. She thinks her friend’s ex-boyfriend might be the person who shot at her house.

“He’s been making gun threats to shoot down everybody that’s involved with her, talks to her,” Alta said.

KSNT News made several attempts to confirm, with the Shawnee County Sheriff’s Department, that the ex-boyfriend is a suspect in the shooting. They have not responded to the request.

The Center for Safety and Empowerment, which helps victims of abuse, offers advice for people who know someone in an abusive relationship.

The center recommends listening to the abused person, knowing about local resources that can help them and calling the police if they are in immediate danger.

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