Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas VP is optimistic about health care

TOPEKA, Kan. – (KSNT) – Matt All, executive vice president of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas said there are reasons to stay optimistic about healthcare costs going down.

All gave people at the Downtown Topeka Rotary an update on the health care system. He said he thinks the political disputes about health care reform will calm down.

He said politicians are starting to work together to stabilize the health care market, but many advancements to coverage won’t come from Washington.

“Even though there may not be anything big coming out of Congress, there’s a lot of work being done to reform the health care system to make costs sustainable and in the long run cover as many people as possible,” All said.

All said he thinks there won’t be as much pressure for congress to pass a major healthcare bill in the next couple years.

“The solution to health care is really going to be the work that happens every day with doctors and hospital administrators, and payers in both the public and private space,” All said.

All said people should pay attention innovations happening in the health care industry as well as what happens in Congress.

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