Changes to be made to Title IX policy

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – It may be unknown that there’s a policy that helps administrators handle reports of sexual violence on college campuses.

That policy is changing, as of Friday night. Local supporters of the Title IX policy are speaking up as talk of change happens in Washington.

“The failed system failed the accused and no student should be forced to sue their way to due process,” said Betsy DeVos, U.S. Education Secretary.

Making up that failure is now the goal of Betsy DeVos. But with dozens of cases of rape reported on local college campuses, some feel the government is putting suspects before victims.

“I’m concerned about what the outcome might be,” said Angela Hubler, a Gender Studies professor at Kansas State University. “It’s not a court case. It does not mean that a person is going to jail, but it means that they could be expelled and I think that’s very appropriate.”

The Obama administration introduced a series of guidelines to help campuses better handle sexual assault in a memo titled “Dear Colleague” in 2011.

DeVos said the government has already started a rollback of Title IX, leaving local students questioning her stance on the issue and worrying victims could end up sitting next to their attackers in class. DeVos argues the current system has failed too many students and administrators have called it a “disservice.”

DeVos has not made it clear how the education department will change the policy.

KSNT News will be watching this issue closely and will update this story with details that are expected in the coming weeks.


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