High School students learn about 9/11

TOPEKA, Kan. – (KSNT) 9/11 happened 16 years ago, and America’s high school students are too young to remember it. Some students at Topeka High School learned about that day in their U.S. history class.

Their teacher showed them pictures and videos of the Twin Towers burning. They also learned about United Airlines Flight 93 that crashed in Pennsylvania and American Airlines Flight 77 that terrorists flew into the Pentagon.

Junior Octaevia Jessepe-Hernandez said the events of that day are hard for her to understand.

“My mind could not wrap around that that was really what happened, and that it was like a real thing,” Jessepe-Hernandez said.

Their teacher, Richard Bolejack, said 9/11 is better documented than most historic events because of it’s recency.

“We have a lot of video, and a lot of firsthand accounts, that we wouldn’t have otherwise, had it been maybe 75 or 80 years earlier,” Bolejack said.

He said the images give students a sense of the gravity about September 11, 2001 felt by millions of Americans.

“This is a real life event that people were fearing for their lives and plunged to their death,” Bolejack said.

He said it’s important for students to know how that day shaped the world they live in, today.

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