Local high school students learn forensic science

TOPEKA, Kan. – (KSNT) A science class at Seaman High School teaches students how to do a forensic investigation.

Students investigated a staged police scene in the Seaman High School library. A doll represented a dead woman. It was surrounded by a syringe, pills and a turned over table.

Junior Jodi Kern and her classmates have to investigate the pretend person’s cause of death for the class.

“We’re trying to figure out what happened,” Kern said. “Was she killed? Was it an accidental death or something like that?”

Jodi said she wants to go into the medical field, and this class is helping her get an idea of what to do when she graduates next year.

“You get to dive right into the class, and see what you want to do in college,” Kern said. “Instead of like, you have no idea of what to do in college and you mess around with your majors and then you don’t know. Now you can go in there like, I want to do this.”

Her teacher, Cassie Geis, said this unique class won’t just teach lab skills, it will help students discover what they want to pursue after high school.

“It would be helpful if when they left high school, they already had an idea,” Geis said. “They already had some experience with those careers and with what the labs are going to be like.”

Students will spend the rest of the year working on their forensic analysis of the case. They won’t learn the true cause of death until the end of the class.

The teacher says the students will be listening to guest speakers, doing projects and possibly going on field trips over the course of the class.

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