Man suspected of shooting north Topeka home arrested

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – A suspect is behind bars for shooting at a home in north Topeka early in the morning September 4. Authorities arrested Jacob Robert Crandall in connection with the shooting.

Haley Alta lives in the home. She said her family woke to the sound of the gunshots the morning of the shooting.

When they went outside, they saw five bullet holes in their home. Three of the bullet holes were through the wall of her son’s bedroom.

Alta said she’s thankful her son had been sleeping with her in the basement that night.

“One of the bullets went right above his bed,” Alta said. “One went into his sock drawer and anything could have gone wrong.”

She said she recently helped a friend get out of what she referred to as an abusive relationship with Crandall. She said she thinks Crandall shot at her house because she broke up his relationship with her friend.

“He’s been making gun threats to shoot down everybody that’s involved with her, talks to her,” Alta said.

Authorities are holding Crandall in the Shawnee County Department of Corrections.

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