Topeka students remember, learn about 9/11 attacks

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – High school students, some of whom were too young to remember the 9/11 terror attacks, spent the day remembering and learning about the day.

Topeka West High School held a special ceremony on Monday. In the front of the school, members from the Army Junior R.O.T.C. raised the American flag at staff-half. Topeka West singers also performed the Star Spangled Banner alongside a Bugler that played Taps.

The Junior R.O.T.C. program started hosting the ceremony 5 years ago. Since a lot of the students were not alive for the 2001 terrorist attacks, the program’s instructor does something special for the students each year.

“We let the students after or before the ceremony reflect on everything that was going on that day, the ones that don’t know much about it,” said Angel Romero, J.R.O.T.C. teacher at Topeka West. “Then we also teach them a little bit, have them watch some videos, so they kind of understand what 9/11 is all about.”

The goal of the ceremony was not only to commemorate the events of 9/11, but to educate students on the importance of the day in American history.

Across town at Topeka High School, students in one U.S. History class learned about the events on September 11, 2001.

They saw the images that millions of Americans saw on their televisions 16 years ago.

Their teacher said those pictures and videos help them understand what happened on that day. One student expressed a feeling shared by many Americans.

“My mind could not wrap around that that was really what happened, and that it was like a real thing,” said Topeka High School student Octaevia Jessepe-Hernandez.

Her teacher said there are more videos and account of 9/11 than any other major historical event. He said it is important for students to learn how it shaped out world today.

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