Toddler hears for the first time

(WAVE-TV) A Kentucky toddler has heard his mother’s voice for the first time thanks to new cochlear implants.

Connor Higgins is two and a half years old. His parents, Hope and Jacob, knew something wasn’t right early on.

“When we tried to talk to him, he wouldn’t have any eye contact,” Connor’s mother Hope Higgins said.

In 2016, Connor was diagnosed with auditory neuropathy.

“Basically where his brain waves and sound waves do not link up,” Higgins said.

“He’s typically developing, except he can’t hear,” said Dr. Shelley Moats, Open Arms Children’s Health Audiologist. “We believe it’s present from birth.”

“He’s been living in a world of silence,” Higgins said. “Not knowing his name, not being able to hear us say I love you it’s been really hard.”

Connor has been communicating by gestures and making noises. Hearing aids didn’t work.

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