Topeka man wakes to intruder outside bedroom

TOPEKA, Kan. – (KSNT) Dave Navarro woke from his sleep to an intruder in his Central Topeka home. His dog began to bark when the trespasser opened the door to Nevarro’s room. The intruder ran out of the house and through the back yard.

Nevarro checked around his house to make sure his family was safe and then called 911. He said he had let the dog out earlier that night but forgot to lock the door when he brought the dog inside.

He said he won’t soon forget to lock his door behind him.

“I guarantee you the doors will be locked constantly from now on,” Nevarro said.

He warned his neighbors about the break-in on the social media site Nextdoor. Topeka Police Department Media Specialist Amy McCarter said others should sign up for Nextdoor to help prevent these crimes.

“Keep in contact with your neighbors and let everybody kind of know what that routine is and what’s normal for you, for your house, and who’s ok to be there, and what cars should look right in your parking lot,” McCarter said.

She also said there are simple things people can do to keep break-ins from happening.

“Lock your doors, keep your lights on, if you have alarms make sure that they’re set,” McCarter said.

McCarter said the Topeka Police Department encourages people to notify police if they see something suspicious in their neighborhood.


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