African relic unveiled at Topeka Zoo after several snags

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Its a one of a kind zoo experience.

When Camp Cowabunga opens at the Topeka Zoo in the summer of 2018, you will find yourself on your very own African safari.

Authenticity is playing an important role in developing the exhibit. So, two project team members set out on a safari of their own. Their mission is to acquire as many authentic relics as possible. 

Friends of the Zoo, board president, Fred Patton told KSNT News a certain piece topped their list.

“One thing we wanted was a safari vehicle,” Patton said.

Much to everyone’s surprise, the zoo found one– deep in the heart of Africa. As its journey home unfolded, Patton said the Camp Cowabunga team found themselves traveling down a rocky road.

“We found out we couldn’t bring it to America,” he said.

Red tape surrounding the car’s import had the crew scrambling for a fix. After weeks of trying to sort the mess out, they contacted the office of a local lawmaker.

“Finally we had to reach out to Lynn Jenkins office to see if they could help us, if there was an exception or waivers we could apply for and fortunately we found one to get the vehicle here.”

With the Cowabunga crown jewel safe and sound on U.S. soil, Jenkins will get a private tour of the new exhibit’s progress on September 18.

Donation’s help make construction possible. You can help by visiting the Camp Cowabunga website. 


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