Brown County Sheriff’s Office warns about scam

BROWN COUNTY, Kan. (KSNT) – According to Sheriff John D. Merchant, several Brown County residents have voiced their concerns about a new scam in the area.

Residents have been receiving phone calls from individuals who claim to be “student loan representatives” with “USA” showing on the caller ID’s of the residents’ phones.

The scammers are informing residents that they have a refund coming back on their student loans due to incorrect interest on their loan account. The caller addresses the residents by name and appears to know that the residents have student loans.

It does not appear that the caller has any other personal information, other than the student’s name. The caller advises that the refund can be automatically deposited into the resident’s bank account and tries to obtain additional personal account information.

Merchant warned residents to never give out personal information over the phone and to contact the loan department directly if questions arise regarding student loans.

The Brown County Sheriff’s Office urges residents to immediately contact law enforcement if they feel they’ve been a victim of this scam.

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