“It’s never too late”: Virtual school helps people get diploma

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) — Working mom Erica Royer never finished high school. Now, thanks to a program through Topeka Public Schools, she has the chance to finally get her diploma.

Royer is enrolled in the Topeka Public Schools Virtual School. It’s a web-based program geared towards people over 19 that didn’t earn their high school diploma in four years. It allows people to complete any unfinished credits and transfer them back to their home high school.

The lessons are taught by virtual teachers and assignments are completed online, which makes it more convenient for people like Royer.

“I get off really late in the evening and it’s really convenient to get on the laptop and be able to do it right in my bed,” said Royer.

Although the program is online, there is a computer lab at Avondale West in Topeka for students to use, should they need it. Local educators are also available to help virtual school students.

“If they do have questions or need help they can always email in the evenings if that’s what they need and get a response the next day,” said Lead High School Principle for Topeka Public Schools Dustin Dick.

Dick says it’s important for students to be self-motivated to stay caught up with assignments. Royer said she has more than one reason to finally get her diploma.

“I want to show my kids that I can do it and I want to advance and be a nurse someday so that I can help other people,” said Royer.

Royer says it’s her dream to go to nursing school, but said that she’s taking baby steps as she can.

“It’s never too late to get your education, never,” said Royer.

The program is funded by the state of Kansas. The school district is reimbursed for every credit that student’s complete.

Dick said just under 10 students are enrolled in the program but they are trying to connect with other people who may be eligible to enroll.

People living in the boundaries of Topeka Public Schools who are interested in enrolling in the program can learn more here.

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