Fifth graders give back to Topeka Zoo


TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) -A pair of Topeka fifth graders is giving back to the Topeka Zoo in a very thoughtful way.

Chloe Callanan and Gracie Babbitt of Cair Paravel Latin School put on a bake sale fundraiser over the summer.

All the money raised went to community areas they love. The zoo was one of them.

The girls were able to raise enough money for the zoo’s Animal Enrichment Program.

“It’s really special for me. I love animals,” Callanan said.

“Me and my brothers and my mom love to come here just on the weekends and just enjoy the animals and watching them,” Babbitt said.

The girls came back to the zoo on Tuesday to drop off animal toys for the tigers and elephants that they bought with the money raised.

They also used the funds they raised towards the Boys and Girls Club for pool passes.

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