The Topeka Zoo has new additions to the family


TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT)- If you plan on taking a trip to the Topeka Zoo anytime soon, there’s one more exhibit to add to your list.

Sage and Senna made their official debut Tuesday morning. They are pronghorn antelope fawns.

The sisters were born in June at the Lee Richardson Zoo in Garden City. They arrived in their new Capital City homes in mid-August.

Zoo officials say they are excited to have the pair as part of the family.

“We are so excited. We had a pronghorn antelope here in the past and it’s been about four years since we’ve had them and we are very excited to have them back in Topeka,” said Animal Care Supervisor Shanna Simpson.

The fawns will be outside for only a few hours each day.

If you want to see them, the zoo says its best to call ahead before your visit to see if they are out and about.

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