Wife of state employee shot at work speaks out

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – It was like any other day for Cortney Holloway of Wichita.

He got up to go to work at the Wichita Kansas Department of Revenue Office where he works in the tax office.

That’s when police say 51-year-old Ricky Wirths, a man the State said owes nearly $400,000 in taxes, shot Holloway.

Tonight, his wife continues to try to makes sense of it all.

“I’m just trying to rationalize how a judge, how an attorney can think that it is ok for an individual to willingly target and attempt to murder another individual and have the opportunity to be free,” said Moniqueka Holloway. 

Holloway remains in serious condition Wednesday night.

“When I got a chance to talk to Cortney, she said. “He said as he was being shot, he was thinking, I got to make it to that porch. God I got to make it to that porch with my wife; my wife needs me at that porch.”

The shooting sent shock waves through the Kansas Department of Revenue.

“We do thousands of transactions everyday and we’ve done them for years and had no incidents such as this occur,” said Sam Williams, Kansas Secretary of Revenue. “This was a freak deal that happened.”

Williams said his department is reviewing all of it’s security measures at both it’s tax and motor vehicle offices.

He said each office follows a different protocol when it comes to security, but he says now that may change.

“One of the things we will be doing as we review is determining if there should be more commonality in certain things between offices,” said Williams.

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