Hayden High School crowns Homecoming Queen with Down syndrome

Amanda Young standing with the other Homecoming Queen candidates at Hayden High School.

TOPEKA, Kan (KSNT)  –  It was Homecoming at Hayden High School Friday night and the name on everybody’s lips was Amanda Young. Amanda was crowned Homecoming Queen in a ceremony before the game. Homecoming King Jake Comstock said Amanda was the clear favorite to win.

“Kind of expected it. I’ve been friends with her for years so I’m happy for her. Everyone in this Hayden community loves her,” said Comstock

Amanda is a senior at Hayden High School and has went to school with many of her peers for 13 years. She also has Down syndrome, but you couldn’t tell by the way the students interact with her. Amanda’s mom Terry Young said acceptance is never something she’s worried about at Hayden.

“From day one they accepted her for who she was and she’s just one of them. She’s not special. She’s just one of them and they treat her that way,” said Young.

Young said she was so happy that the students included Amanda in the festivities, but she couldn’t hold back the tear when they called her name.

“For her that’s such a special honor and something she’s going to remember forever. I love these kids. I can’t imagine any other place for her to go to high school,” said Young.


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